Had to rush so... far from finished. Decided to try and break away from the normal bullet hell games. So, this game isn't a real time shoot em up, instead it is turn based, contains cards and is grid based. Bullets don't even deal damage 🤯

So, here is how you play: Every turn you need to chose 2 cards, the first you click on will be cast while the second one will be discarded. Then, the turn plays out and everything follows the action they chose. Note: Bullets only interact with you if they land on the same square as you. You CAN pass through them if you do NOT land on the same tile.

Now, your hand refills back to 4 cards and you, as well as any enemies are free to make the next turn.

When something gets hit by a bullet they get a new card (big red cross) that will kill them when they cast it. If you cast it, it is game over. This means that if you cast it, you are dead. If an enemy casts it, they are dead.

There is one other way to lose: you have 10 seconds to make your decision, if it reaches 0 you lose. This time does NOT refresh. Collect batteries to refresh it instead.

Have fun :)


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